Disc Golf South Africa

2021 SA Open

The 2021 South African Open Disc Golf Championship took place at Inanda Country Base on 04 September 2021. In both the Men’s Open and B division two rounds of 16 holes were played. The Ladies’ Open took place over a single round of 16 holes.

After some great play, including an eagle by Mike Christensen and an ace from Garick van Staden, the following winners emerged:

Men’s Open winner and 2021 SA Champion: Alex Meulenbeld (-6)

Men’s B Division winner: Matthew Malpage (+7)

Ladies’ Open winner and 2021 SA Champion: Rebekah Botes (+15)

Full results:

2021 SA Open – Men’s Open Results

Men’s Open Results    
PositionNameRound 1Round 2Total
1Alex Meulenbeld-3-3-6
2Devin Norman-2-2-4
3 =Brad Smith
Kelly Leggette
4 =Bart Meulenbeld
Chris Walley
5Ryan Males+1+5+5
6Jason Hammond+8+2+10
7Garick van Staden+8+6+14
8Andrew Sutherland+6+9+15
9Lourens Vreugdenburg+12+5+17

2021 SA Open – Men’s B Division Results

PositionNameRound 1Round 2Total
1Matthew Malpage+4+3+7
2Mike Christensen+9+4+13
3Mike Crossland+11+7+18
4Fred Strauss+9+10+19
5Michael Heath+7+13+20
6Rowan Nagel+12+9+21
7Jade Botes+9+14+23
8Brent Bailey+15+17+32
9Storm van Thiel+20+17+37
10Jaco Mostert+19+20+39
11Chris Toomey+24+17+41
12Chad Bailey+23+28+51
13Clayton Bekker+32+30+62

2021 SA Open – Ladies’ Open Results

PositionNameFinal Score
1Rebekah Botes+15
2Hannah Eppel+23