Disc Golf South Africa

2021 Summer Doubles Competition

The 2021 Summer Doubles Championship was held at Inanda on November 27 2021.

The format for this event was ‘better disc’, with a twist: during each quartet of holes (1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16 and 17-20) each player of the team of two had to have two of his/her drives used (on hole 21 the best drive of either could be used). This resulted in a lot of spur-of-the-moment strategy being required, and introduced another level of complexity to the approach to the holes.

A total of 12 teams participated, and after 21 holes two teams were tied on 5 under par. This resulted in a cruel, sudden death closest to the pin challenge, won by Lourens Vreugdenburg and Mike Crossland. 

Full results below:

Team MembersScore 
Lourens Vreugdenburg
Mike Crossland
-5Won on CTP challenge
Brent Bailey
Alex Meulenbeld
Brad Smith
Jaco Mostert
Raymond Beets
Devin Norman

Etienne Nieuwoudt
Garick van Staden

Bart Meulenbeld
Chris Toomey



Mark Schroeder
Daniel Domonay
Jade Botes
Rebekah Botes

Rudi Van Wyk
Alister ‘The Fire’
Fred Strauss
Chris Kemp

Andre Human
Fanie Harzenburg

Hannah Eppel